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Dental sedation in children with general anesthesia for regional patients.

Dani Dentist Pediatric Dentistry Outpatient general anesthesia, the only one of its kind in Chile for patients from the regions. If you’re here, you’ve probably already […]

Dental Sedation in Children with General Anesthesia

Dr. Mª Daniela Rivera Elorza – Pediatric Dentistry Anesthesia General ambulatory anesthesia unique in Chile If you’re here, you’ve probably already tried everything to provide a […]

About me

Dr. Mª Daniela Elorza R. Pediatric Dentist I have 12 years of experience in pediatric dentistry. I am a dental surgeon from the Universidad de Valparaíso […]

When is sedation used?

When is sedation used? Dental care under general outpatient anesthesia is used for the following dental patients: Children and/or young infants who cannot tolerate dental care […]

Clinical cases

Each child and his or her parents are a world unto themselves and each case is special with its own complications and challenges. In my daily […]