Dental sedation in children with general anesthesia for regional patients. - Dani Dentista Odontopediatría

Dani Dentist Pediatric Dentistry

Outpatient general anesthesia, the only one of its kind in Chile for patients from the regions.

If you’re here, you’ve probably already tried everything to provide a quality dental solution for your child. We know you never meant for it to get this bad and we are here to help.

In a single session, it provides a quality solution to your child’s dental problem. We have urgent care hours for patients in the regions so that they can travel for their treatment.

Aesthetic dental crowns for children

Most teeth with cavities can be saved. Don’t let your child not be able to smile during childhood or affect their self-esteem...

Secure and accredited

Dental wards are performed in the only medical center authorized in Chile for this outpatient procedure.

Ethical pricing

Regardless of your health plan or agreement, the prices of dental treatment are the most affordable in Chile for this type of procedure.

1 single session

Patients who are candidates for the ward have complex treatments and are treated in an average session of 2 to 5 hours, depending on the severity.

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Steps away from San Miguel Subway, Santiago de Chile

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